Merchant Seamen of 1982

Venereal Diseases Regulations 1982

9. Merchant Seamen

  1. In this regulation prescribed form means the form prescribed by or under Article 3 of the international agreement respecting facilities to be given to merchant seamen for the treatment of venereal diseases, signed at Brussels on the 1st day of December 1924.
  2. When a merchant seaman receives treatment for venereal disease at a (hospital or clinic), the medical practitioner attending him shall enter or cause to be entered on a document, drawn in the prescribed form and supplied to the merchant seamen, the following particulars:
    • The diagnosis, with a summary of the clinical particulars noted at the time of the examination:
    • The treatment carried out at the hospital or clinic:
    • The treatment to be followed on the voyage:
    • The results of serological tests undertaken in cases of syphilis.
  3. The Medical Officer of Health shall furnish to the master of every merchant ship arriving at a port in New Zealand from any place outside New Zealand, and to any owner in New Zealand of any such ship, notices showing the times and places where a medical practitioner may be consulted free of charge by any member of the crew of that ship who is suffering, or suspects that he is suffering, from venereal disease; and the master and any such owner shall make the information contained in those notices available to all the members of that crew.
  4. Avoidance of publicity

All notices and other communications sent through the post for the purposes of these regulations shall, if relating to any person suffering or alleged to be suffering from venereal disease, be conspicuously marked with the word "Confidential", and shall be securely enclosed in an envelope, which shall also be marked on the outside with the word "Confidential".