Weird Laws Worldwide

Now we have all wondered at those strange foreign statutes that seem bizarre with the passage of time. But if you are a New Zealander your eyebrows might also rise to read a few of the statutes which are currently (as of 2011) active on Middle Earth's law books. These Acts deal with such things as mullock tailings, nuclear explosions and syphilis. Now we all know what syphilis is, and what a good thing it is that seamen are given free medical attention in this manner, but what on earth are mullock tailings? Mullock originates from a Middle English term, and, given that this is a Middle Earth law site, we thought it appropriate for a statute dealing with mullock to be brought to your attention.

Mul-lock [muhl-uhk], n

Rubbish, waste matter; Waste rock from which gold, other minerals or other valuable material, for example opal, has been extracted. Mullock can also be generated in the search for minerals or during the mining process, for example when sinking a shaft.


1350-1400; orig. dialectal English; Middle English mullok, equivalent to mul dust, mold, rubbish (compare Old English myl dust; vowel perhaps from Middle English mullen) + -ok-ock