It has never been so important to ensure that your hard-earned assets are protected both for yourself and future generations so that they can serve the purpose you intend both now and in the future. This is particularly so given the ever changing family and tax legislation. We have an experienced team to advise you in this area of law.

We will formulate the best structure to manage your personal and business assets. We will take a personal approach to ensure that we understand your current situation and aspirations for the future. This enables us to provide tailor-made solutions for you.

The advice which we can provide in relation to trust law and estate law include:

  • Family trusts - this has become one of the best vehicles for providing protection and flexible asset planning. We will advise as to the best trust structure for you, the most effective method of implementation of the appropriate trust structure, and advice as to the trusts' ongoing administration;
  • Gifting programmes (note: redundant from 01 November 2011);
  • Trading trusts;
  • Blind trusts (for clients seeking anonymity we can offer a professional trustee holding assets in trust without requiring those clients to also hold as trustees and thus disclose themselves on, for example, the land registry;
  • Advice on integration with wider estate planning and relationship property matters.

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