John Cox



John Cox

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John has practiced in the area of commercial litigation since 1989.

He advises clients on:

  • A very diverse range of disputes relating to land and personal property, including land access disputes, disputes regarding leases, caveat disputes and construction contract disputes
  • Claims against deceased’s estates, relationship property claims and trust disputes
  • Commercial arbitration claims
  • Professional indemnity claims and commercial insolvency issues
  • Employment issues, including conducting claims and defences in the Employment Relations Authority and the Employment Court
  • Health and safety matters including defending OSH and other statutory body prosecutions

John has conducted cases in these areas through all the New Zealand Courts and Tribunals, as well as in the Privy Council and the Supreme Court.

He is the principal litigation lawyer for a large publicly listed company. This company has more than 30 outlets throughout New Zealand.

In addition to working from our Auckland Offices, John provides legal services to Great Barrier Island residents and has scheduled appointments with clients on the Island as required.