Banking Ombudsmen

The Banking Ombudsman scheme was set up in 1992 as a free and independent process to help people sort out their unresolved problems with banks.

Anyone can use the scheme, including groups of people such as partnerships, clubs and companies, so long as the complaint is against one of the banks in the scheme.

You can complain to the Banking Ombudsman if:

  • your complaint is about a specific banking service that the bank has provided to you
  • you are complaining that the bank's actions have directly caused you to suffer financial loss or damage and/or inconvenience
  • the amount of financial loss you claim is less than $200,000
  • the complaint is about something that happened after 1 January 1992

Telecommunication and Power

The Telecommunications Dispute Resolution Service is a free service offered to consumers. The service fields over 1,000 complaints per annum. Likewise, the Electricity and gas Complaints Commissioner (who also offers a free independent service to consumers) fields over 1,000 complaints per annum, also.