Accident Compensation Corporation

The Accident Compensation Corporation is a New Zealand Crown Entity responsible for administering the Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2001. The Act provides support to citizens, residents, and temporary visitors who have suffered accidental injuries.

ACC is the sole and compulsory provider of accident insurance for all work and non-work injuries. The ACC Scheme is administered on a no-fault basis, so that anyone, regardless of the way in which they incurred an injury, is eligible for coverage under the Scheme. Due to the Scheme's no-fault basis, in Aotearoa, people who have suffered personal injury do not have the right to sue an at-fault party (whether a doctor, driver or distant cousin), except for exemplary damages.

The ACC Scheme provides a range of entitlements to injured people, from contribution towards the cost of treatment, to weekly compensation for lost earnings (paid at a rate of 80% of a person's pre-injury earnings), and even home or vehicle modifications for the seriously injured.

If you suffer an injury, you may find yourself in a dispute with the ACC regarding coverage and entitlements. For example, ACC may claim that your injury is the result of a gradual process, disease or infection, and not an 'injury'. The ACC legislation is complex. If you have a problem with the way that ACC is dealing with your claim, talk to Rennie Cox...