Criminal Law

Rennie Cox is not a dedicated criminal law practice. However, in addition to being able to recommend effective lawyers specialising in criminal law, we do undertake a limited suite of criminal work, including assault and drink driving charges, and Limited Licence applications.

We are experienced in defending drink driving charges. If you momentarily displayed the characteristics of a car rally enthusiast, and have been charged with a transport offence such as sustained loss of traction, speeding, or careless use of a vehicle - we can help. In all cases it is important to make contact with us immediately so that statutory timelines can be met

Alcohol Offences

Alcohol and drugs, including some drugs given to you by a doctor, can seriously affect your driving. They can slow your reaction times and affect your senses.

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Vehicle Offences

Of course it is an urban myth that such a thing exists as 'vehicle offences'. Vehicles don't commit offences - people do.

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Unfortunately, sometimes when you are charged with a drink driving offence, you may also be charged with assault. If you find yourself in this unhappy situation - talk to us.